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Application Development

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Data Management Systems

Whatever your specific needs may be, whether simple or complex, we will provide the appropriate solution. Sometimes that will mean we evaluate and recommend existing programs, and other times we will develop a custom database application.

Our Development Philosophy

Our Development Process is structured to achieve positive results by protecting both the client as well as our team from what is often referred to as "project creep". Before a single line of code is ever written, the entire team (yours & ours) must fully understand and agree on the proposed application's functions, processes and expected results.

Development Process

  1. Meet with management to establish the overall objectives of the desired application.
  2. Meet with a select group of end users, to review current processes as well as to determine their needs and how the application will be used.
  3. Write the specifications for the project. This includes an outline of the requirements, a skeleton plan of all functions and procedures, along with a mock-up of how the application will look and work. Depending on the scope of the project, this step may be extensive and is therefore fee-based.
  4. Actively work with your team to verify all specifications are met.
  5. Changes to the original specifications are handled through our revision control process.
  6. Provide ongoing application support as needed.

Examples of Projects we have created

  • Request for Pricing:
    creation, distribution and auto-generating results based on either best price or best lead time analysis
  • Web Content Management
  • Work Flow Management
  • Centralized Help Desk Management System
  • Automated Report Distirbution
  • Vendor / Buyer Metrics
  • EDI / ERP Forecast Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • POS Reporting (combining multiple format reports)
  • Text File Parsing and Consolidation
Call Manager Client Manager POS Data System
Help Desk Help Desk Console Support Manager
Log File Parsing Text File Parser Content Management System

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